Dr. Wiwat &
The Charming Forest
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How to play
Find the hidden objects (pieces of garbage) by click on them.
Game by Summacheeva Foundation
One day, Dr. Wiwat walks in the forest
near his home.
In the beautiful and calm environment,
but he spots that there are many pieces of garbage around the area.
Let’s help Dr. Wiwat collects the pieces of garbage by click on them.
There are 5 pieces of garbage in this area.
You found 0 pieces of garbage
Very good !!! You help the forest more clean !!!
Did you know?
Percent of forest area in Thailand reduced
from 53.3 % in 1961 to 32.7 % in 2004*

* Source: Lakanavichian, 2006 (Published by FAO)
Another area of the forest also dirty, too.
Let’s help Dr. Wiwat by picking up another 5 pieces of garbage.
You found 0 pieces of garbage
Good job !!! You are awesome !!!
Did you know?
Thai people generate estimated
1.1 kg of solid waste /person /day*

* Source: Firstpost, 2014
Dr. Wiwat still keeps on going, please help him in this another area
of the forest. Collect another 5 pieces of garbage.
You found 0 pieces of garbage
Yeah… !!! You rock !!!!!
Did you know?
Thailand has 2,490 waste dumpsites,
but only 19 % are sanitary or engineered*

* Source: Thai Publica, 2014
This is the last area, doesn’t it easy ?
Where are the last 5 pieces of garbage ???
You found 0 pieces of garbage
Oh !!! You are so great !!!
Did you know?
Thailand faces with waste management
problem, in 2013, there were 26.7 million
tons of waste disposed*

* Source: Thairath Online, 2014
WOW !!!
You help Dr. Wiwat cleans his home forest.
Now, this forest is a very charming forest.

But, this is just a game. In real life, remember to keep clean all the
places you visit. Help the world by reducing, reusing, and recycling
garbage. Keep this world beautiful and livable as long as possible.
Sound effect by http://www.freesfx.co.uk
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